Aurelien Giraud in Lyon 25

Aurelien Giraud Lyon 25

Aurelien Giraud gives a try on the 25 stairs from Lyon 25

Aurelien Giraud is a gap beast and he tried to ollie in Lyon 25. In the end it makes sense… a trendy french skater, with big gaps as best skill, Lyon 25, stairs… it just needed some time until we see Aurelien Giraud in Lyon 25.

Five days before this he launched a new video part, so probably it would be the best ender for his part… but no, he didn’t get it.

But the main thing about this history is that it brings us the chance to talk about the overcoming spirit we talked about in Milton Martinez’s article.

Aurelien Giraud in Lyon 25 just made another ode to that overcoming spirit, as has been the third skater attempting this stairs that deserved for a few skaters in the world.

Ali Boulala in Lyon 25

Ali Boulala was the first skater giving a chance to this spot when he was skating for Flip Skateboards, the attempt wasn’t successful.

The spot has different “funny” things, the altitude and length are really huge, at least it has one of the worst floors that has been ever skated.

After three horrifying attemps Ali Boulala leaved without getting the trick.

Ali Boulala Lyon 25

Ali Boulala, Lyon 25 and his video part in “Sorry” for Flip Skateboards

He didn’t get his trick at Lyon, but he was the first skater attempting that much stairs. By the way, he was the first skater having an ender (last trick in a skate video part) where the trick was a slam instead of a trick.

That skate clip of Ali Boulala attempting in Lyon 25 was the ender of his video part in the Flip skateboards vídeo “Sorry”. That was one of the top skateboard brands at the moment.

Ali Boulala – “Sorry” Flip Skateboards

Flip Skateboards “Sorry” video and the ollie attempt of Ali turned Lyon 25 in a legendary spot. That wouldn’t be skated again until 12 years later.

Aaron “Jaws” Homoki in Lyon

The second skater attempting (documented at least) was Aaron “Jaws” Homoiki. It needed 12 years until in 2013 he decided to fly over the stairs from Lyon.

The first slam in the spot

Jaws made a try with a massive melon, starting from a slop to get more speed. When he landed the board just broke, and his knee probably too, his poker face speaks louder than words.

Aaron Jaws Homoki fail in Lyon 25

Jaws gets Lyon 25 with Ali Boulala as guest

Here is when Jaws brings us the overcoming spirit we talked about. One year later, with a recovered knee and the uncertainty of unknowing if there’s even some chance to land that gap, Jaws went back to Lyon 25.

This time he went there with Ali Boulala, who was invited by Thrasher that payed the the displacement and the hotel.

Aaron “Jaws” Homoki was severel days giving attempts to the stairs with a melon grab, after five days he got the trick.

Aaron “Jaws” Homoki en Lyon 25

We don’t really know if it is because of the melon instead of an ollie, if it is because of the fact of using soft wheels instead of hard wheels (smart decision) or if it is because of destiny. But Jaws did it, an there’s no possible argument to beat it.

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