Independent Trucks, is the best skate trucks brand?

independent trucks

You can agree or disagree, but skateboarding is full of myths and legends powered basically by two faces: marketing and hate. Independent Trucks, considered the best skate trucks brand by most of the skaters, is probably one of the skate brands with most fans and followers, and has one of the most tattooed logos in the world.

From we really think that something that depends on feelings is so subjective. Anyway we are not here to convince you, we are just giving you the right info so you can get your own conclusions.

Why people love Independent Trucks?

There are different reasons explaining why people are in love with Independent. Different events that happened through the skateboarding history and most of the skaters are keeping in their minds as something positive for skateboarding:

Fausto Vitello founded skate brand

Independent Trucks was founded by Fausto Vitello, who founded Thrasher Magazine too.

Skaters appreciate a lot a skater founded company and Fausto got the perfect cocktail with Thrasher, Independent and himself.

Fausto Vitello Independent trucks

Independent Trucks differentiating factor

First Independent were launched in 1978, Keith Wilson described them as “the perfect mix between Bennet and Tracker, with Bennet’s turn and Tracker durability”.

All the gravity sports are sharing the turn, the turn gives this wonderful feeling that anyone can have on a board. Feeling that your hardware works at its best is one of the best feelings, and Indie makes you feel this.

Skate trucks development

Another important thing in a core brand is the development of the products. Independent has been always focused on trucks manufacturing, so they can develop their product in order to get the best performance.

Independent Trucks Stage XI

From Independent Stage 1 to Independent Stage XI, the geometry of the tracks has kept almost the same, every development has been about design, weight and resistance.

Skate industry pionners

You can find the ones who are followed and the ones who follow everywhere. Independent is one of the brands observed and analyzed by others.

When Indie launched his Independent Stage VII, they changed the distance between the holes trucks introducing the “new school” trucks. All the trucks before the Stage VII had problem with the nuts of the bolts when grinding and sliding. Independent trucks made the distance between the holes shorter solving this problem.

Agujeros eje skate new school old school

All the manufactures in the industry changed the distance between the deck holes to be adapted to the new school trucks.

Independent, fuck the rest

A brand with his own personality is something appreciated in the skater community.

Independent Trucks Fuck The Rest

Independent Trucks has a huge personality, something that haven’t changed since the beginning.

Independent Trucks skaters

Obviously, Independent trucks has a lot of well known skaters all over the world.

Milton Martinez SOTY 2019
Milton Martinez – SOTY Thrasher 2019


We keep thinking that is so hard to define one brand as the best, but it’s true that Independent Trucks has a lot of strengths that turns the brand into something unique in the industry

What it’s a fact, is that Independent has a reactive turn, with a good wear and durability. Anyway always will be people looking for lower trucks like a Venture for example, or trucks with even more turn like a Bennet.

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