Tony Hawk, new Vans skater

Tony Hawk new Vans Ambassador

The skater Tony Hawk joins Vans as global ambassador. From 2020 April 13th, Tony is supporting the shoe company in different areas, we are going to explain it in addition to some more info about Tony Hawk, new Vans skater.

About Tony Hawk

His complete name is Anthony Frank Hawk and he was born on 1968 May 12th in San Diego, California. He began skating when he was just nine years old thanks to his Borther Dani Hawk, who gave him an skateboard.

Tony Hawk when he was a kid

Tony Hawk was always trusted by his father, they founded together the California Amateur League and the National Skateboard Association. When Tony was twelve years old he already had sponsors, he got pro with 14 years old. When Tony Hawk was 16 years old he was skating with the best skateboarders in the world in the Bones Brigade team.

Tony was sponsored by Airwalk, he launched his own signature shoe with the brand. Hawk was the third skater in the whole history having a signature shoe, following Natas Kaupas with Etnies and Steve Caballero with Vans. Lately, Tony skated for Lakai.

Tony Hawk’s entrepreneurship

Hawk is one of those skaters having a gift for skateboarding and a gift for business both.

Tony Hawk Birdhouse

At the beginning of 90’s Birdhouse was founded by Tony and a Bones Brigade team member, Per Welinder. The brand has not a successful in the beginning, but some years later started collaborating with some brands in the industry such as Adio, and everything started working.

In 1998 Hawk Clothing was founded, his own apparel brand, but the brand was sold to Quicksilver in 2001.

1999 was a successful year for Tony Hawk, he signed a contract with Activision to create Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater videogame. It would be the first of a dinasty. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater meant a boom in the skateboarding industry.

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2

In 2002 Tony Hawk starts a new project, the Tony Hawk Foundation to help making skateboarding achievable worldwide.

Vans, new Tony Hawk’s project

nosegrab One Foot

Tony Hawk‘s words:

Vans has supported skateboarding since the very beginning, and never wavered in its commitment, even with massive mainstream success,” said Tony Hawk. “I have always respected their integrity, so it is an honor to officially join forces and help continue to grow skateboarding culture in the most authentic way possible.”

Tony Hawk starts his project as Vans global ambassador, Tony is going to collaborate with the brand promoting in different international areas.


The most important actions are his collaboration as commentator in the Vans Park Series, in addition to producing a new professional Vert skateboarding competition.

We are pretty sure there’s a big deal between Tony Hawk and Vans, two big fishes in the skateboarding industry. Obviously Vans is going to take profit by the positive impact that Tony and his foundation are providing on the skateboarding community.

Vans and Tony Hawk remain focused creating events and initiatives for the skate communities support worldwide, Philantropic projects and creative product collabs.

There’s no doubt about these are great news for the community, a legend and skate lover is joining the Vans skate team. There are some rumors that Andrew Reynolds is going to be part of the team too, there are just rumors, but it would be a good suggestion for Vans building a skate legends team.

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